To create platform for networking , fostering and promoting exchange of scholarly information and experience among research scholars, academicians, technologists, industrialists, scientists, and medical professionals for advancement of science.

Reg No: SOR/GNR/268/2013-14


The INPOSO would like to award to fellowship to dedicated Practitioners, Researchers, Academicians and consultants with two fellowships.

FNIPS (Fellow of International Society for Promotion of Science)

AFNIPS (Associate Fellow of International Society for Promotion of Science)

The Award carries a Memento, and a Certificate. Fellow Member gets privilege to write the title FINPS (Fellow, International Research Society Promotion of Science) or AFNIPS (Associate Fellow of International Society for Promotion of Science) in their designation. All members can get discount in registration of INPOSO Conferences, will receive E-Journal published by INPOSO for lifetime. 

 Selection Criteria

  • Commitment to and excellence in patient care
  • Professional recognition, awards etc.,
  • Involvement in patient care activities, extension, consultancy and other co and extracurricular activities. Honesty, integrity ,conduct ,character and ability to get along with the patients, students and others. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant must be life member of INPOSO
  • PhD (Pharmaceutical Sciences / Basic Sciences) / M. Tech / ME/ M. Sc (Nursing)/ MD/MS / MDS  with EIGHT year of work experience (FOR FINPS)


   PhD (Pharmaceutical Sciences / Basic Sciences) / M. Tech / ME/ M. Sc (Nursing)/ MD/MS / MDS/ MBBS/BDS  with FIVE year of work experience (FOR AFINPS)

Process for Award of Fellowship 

A person desirous for applying INPOSO fellowship shall apply in writing, giving details about him / herself along with detailed CV to the President. The application will be forwarded to Scientific Advisory committee, for decision.

The fellowship is awarded for a period of four/two years. However, in exceptional cases, based on the progress of research, contribution to the promotion of science, the fellowship may be extended. The evaluation and recommendation for the extension of the fellowship will be made by the Scientific Advisory Board as per the guidelines of INPOSO. 

For more information mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Note: The decision to accept or reject any application will reside with scientific advisory committee; the decision of the Scientific Advisory Committee shall be final.